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Star Zelda-lovers
This group is 4 those who love zelda games.

Group Founder: link002
Group Type: Public join
Members: 23
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (5)

go N64 zelda games (10) zeldafan
Those who want help on zelda - ocarina of time and zelda - majoras mask come here and find out

go Twilight (7) ace9
Im gona sit here and wait for twilight princess. Who is going to join me?

go The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglas* DS (4) gamelall
This will be the game to own on the DS when it comes out. The sellshaded graphics looks amazing and the wifi and multiplayer features will own. Post ur opinions and info on this topic game and get the...

go Walkthru,s (4) primevil
I haven't played all of them but i love the series. I'm on the hunt for walkthroughs. I want to turn my blogs into a zelda walkthrough page, but sadly i don't have any. Please inbox me for my email a...

go favourite races... (0) eiflelyt
lets hear it from my Hyrulean brothers and sisters, whats ur favourite race from the Zelda games? id say the Sheikah are mine... maybe the Ritos...